Beyonce rocking it in Sobral Jewellery

Posted Tue, 20/12/2011 - 12:08

As Christmas creeps closer we have been busy carefully wrapping all our online orders to ensure they get out to you before the end of the week. It seems the Sobral Jewellery is super popular right now which is a no brainer really, they make perfect gifts! I personally am going to be sporting a few chunky bangles on my arm on the 25th. Matched back with a neutral palette (I am obssessed with grey), some bright peach lipstick and a slather of bronzer I think it'll be just the right amount of Christmas cheer.

As I was re-ordering more stock from Sobral I was shown a few press images of the one and only, Beyonce who was decked out in Sobral for the filming of her music video "Put It In A Love Song" with Alicia Keys. As far a celebritiy crushes go Beyonce is at the top of my list, and after checking out her Sobral style I am hooked! I think these gorgeous bangles are going to be my summer staple from here on in...

We still have plenty of stock of the Pop Quad Square Bangles (as seen on Beyonce above... swoon) in both the thick and thin. 


Pop Quad Bangle 34mm $86.95 and Pop Quad Bangle 14mm $63.95

 Or if something smoother is more your style check out these round numbers...


Cat's Eye Bangle $96.95 and Cascade Bangle $63.95

Stay tuned for new styles from Sobral arriving soon!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!

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