Fabric Glossary

Product Fabric Description:


Viscose/ Rayon -  A semi synthetic, organic fiber extracted from plant based materials. Often used to create lighter and more delicate clothing items, or for soft knit jerseys.

Modal - A type of rayon fiber that is usually spun in combination with cotton and or spandex to create clothing. It is a beautifully soft texture, said to be 3 x softer than cotton and is considered stronger than rayon, particularly in wet conditions. Modal is often sustainably sourced and produced with plants such as bamboo.

Tencel - Considered a sustainable fabric as it is grown and developed in sustainable conditions. To create an absorbent, soft, strong fabric that is resistant to all weather conditions and resistant to wrinkles, the tencel fibers are spun from yards and then woven into textiles.  


Linen - This is a fiber made from the flax plant and therefore takes considerable time and effort to produce. Again this fiber is natural and organic. It is the strongest natural fiber in the world and is both smooth and fluid.

Cotton - Another natural fiber, cotton is derived from the cotton plant. Through spinning the fibers into yarn and then weaving it into a fabric, cotton gains its strength. Fabrics and clothes made from cotton are usually very soft. 

Silk - This is classified as a natural protein fiber. Silk is made through the extraction of the silk from silk worms which is boiled down to create long strands of silk fiber. There are many different types of silk and therefore there are usually different many different manufacturing methods. It is a reasonably light and smooth fabric, and is actually warmer than wool when knitted!


Polyester - Interestingly this fabric is made from a chemical reaction involving combinations of coal, petroleum, air and water. It is a very durable, resistant fabric that is extremely long lasting. It is less prone to wrinkles in comparison to cotton or linen. Technical Polyester is a combination of polyester fabrics.


Spandex/ Elastane - These fibers are known for their elasticity and extreme durability. 94% of the worlds spandex fibers are made through melt extrusion, reaction spinning, solution dry sinning and solution wet spinning. These fibers are usually mixed with cotton or polyester.


Polyamide - Again this is a synthetic fiber similar to Nylon which is stretchy and absorbs little moisture. It is extremely stretchy and has the highest resistance of all raw materials in wet or dry conditions. You will often find stockings, pantyhose and such made from polyamide, or you'll find it blended into denims to add stretch and strength.


Mela Purdie Fabrics:

Mela Purdie has a selection of fabrics which can be identified at the end of the product's name through the code beginning with F. For example, F01 (Matte Jersey) or F64 (Mousseline). Outlined below are the specifications and features of these fabrics so that you know the ins and outs of each Mela Purdie garment. 

Matte Jersey F01 - 92% Viscose, 8% Spandex / Washable

The fabrication that started it all. Since 2001, Mela Purdie has used the same original composition and mill to create this long-lasting and pill resistant mid-weight jersey. The collection began with styles 283, 103, 226, 274 and 100, all of which are still in the range today. The production team constantly works on refining and improving yarn, which is sourced in Europe and is a high twist crepe viscose. Each and every colour way is developed exclusively for Mela Purdie and the fabrication itself is a worldwide exclusive. 

Examples of collection in this fabric: Loose Tank, Relaxed Boat Neck and Pencil Double Skirt

Mouselline F64 - 100% Technical Polyester/Washable -

Using the height of modern fabrication finishing technologies, Mela Purdie’s mousseline is completely unique and offers optimal comfort and style. A technical polyester, which is more expensive to produce than silk, it is created in Japan with an extremely fine denier line. It is then finished with “air flow”, a new technology that increases fluidity and gives an airy effect to the textile. Internationally Mela Purdie is the largest consumer of this fabric, which is again created in custom colours for her. 

Examples of styles in this fabric: Crystal tank, Boot Pant and the Fold T

Spliced Matte Jersey F0164 - 92% Viscose, 8% Spandex/ 100% Technical Polyester / Washable

This is where Mela began to experiment with wovens for the first time. A combination of mousseline and jersey helps to create drape and adds a more dressed up feel to traditional jersey. An easy-to-wear blend of lightness and comfort. 

Examples of styles in this fabric: Sphere Sweater, Spliced Fold Shirt and Dip Front Jacket

Whipped Satin F69  - 100% Technical Polyester / Hand Wash recommended

Introduced in Winter 2017, Whipped Satin is a lighter and slightly less matte version of Mousseline. It is a technical Polyester, but feels even lighter and more like silk than Mousseline. However, it is slightly more sheer, cooler to wear in lower temperatures and requires a slightly more delicate care regimen than Mousseline. Generally speaking, this is a dressier fabric and as such is more delicate than an every day fabric.

Stretch Crepe F08 - 67% Viscose 23% Nylon 10% Spandex / Machine washable - AMAZING fabric perfect for travel in cooler climates or braving the Aussie winter.

Examples of styles in this fabric: Wide Pant, Funnel Jacket

Microprene F65 - 61% Cotton, 35% Polyamide, 4% Elastane/ Washable

Examples of styles in this fabric: Roll Up Pant and Zip Cargo

Silk Crepe De Chine F63 - 100% Silk/ Hand Wash (Dry Clean Recommended)

Examples of styles in this fabric: Panama Shirt and Tide Tank

Panne F45 - 63% Nylon, 26% Cotton and 11% Lycra/ Washable

Examples of styles in this fabric: Wide Cut Pant and Cropped Cut Pant

Stretch Lace -

Updated each season, new stretch laces patterns add sophistication to simple jersey pieces.

Printed Silks

European sourced silks are printed with Australiasian exclusives for Mela Purdie each season. Generally these textiles are hand-washable, to enable them to be more travel friendly.

Georgette & Crepe Jersey

The evening component of Mela’s collections, triple georgette is used to ensure opacity. It is then spliced back with viscose elastane jerseys, adding sheen and texture. This fabrication is milled in Australia. 

Waterproof Toppers

Introduced in 2005, in keeping with the travel focus, water repellent outerwear is designed in memory yarn. This unique technology allows creases to be simply wiped away with the hand, making these toppers the perfect travel companions. 


Using quality Italian yarns, a high twist crepe yarn is used to reduce pilling and increase durability. In winter, wool is used in a range of gauges for warmth and conversely in summer cotton is utilised in the lightest gauge possible. 

Matte Jersey Stripe

Similarly to the solid matte jersey, the stripe shares the same basic characteristics. Each season Mela develops her own unique stripe patterns and fabrications are dyed exclusively.