New to Impulse + Lumiere: Ruby Ya Ya Boho Gypsy style...

>  6 September 2017

Spring is here (apparently - you wouldn't know it down here in drippy, windy dear old Adelaide), and with Spring comes the exciting arrival of summer fashion! Hurrah hurrah, we are so close to shedding those layers and getting some much needed Vitamin D - smiles and sunshine, bring it on! 

Even I, your classic all-black-everything girl, am looking forward to donning some colour and prints - I think I've been converted to the boho gypsy beachside style by one of our newest labels, Ruby Ya Ya.

They specialise in beachy / resorty / cocktails by the beach style with amazing colourful prints embellished with subtle beading and sequins, with flattering cuts and lightweight fabrics. They won't destroy your budget either, more cash for fresh crab and white wine by the bay sounds good to me..