Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas - add that Handmade Touch!

>  19 December 2017

I LOVE  wrapping pressies - especially at Christmas time, you can be so creative just with some recycled brown paper, string and foliage to create an elegant and thoughtful gift presentation. 

One of the best ideas I've seen was when my partner and I exchanged our first Christmas gifts - mine was wrapped in a gorgeous silk scarf. It was a delightful surprise and I thought it was so clever... He goes to OpShops and buys all the nice square silk scarves he can find in all different colours and patterns, they're usually $1-$3 each, and he uses these as wrapping paper, tying them in a gorgeous japanese inspired knot. It creates a tactile experience, a unique experience, most importantly it is sustainable - it repurposes a quality item and stops us throwing piles and piles of paper away, and the giftee gets a scarf as well as the present within! I love that. Click here for a very informative article with instructional images on what is known in Japan as "Furoshiki".

Here are some nifty gifty ideas for your Christmas presents (some a little northern hemisphere-centric but you could subsitiute pine cones for gumnuts!) : 

Imagine the scents of cinnamon and star anise coming off this lot - I love this idea of a multi-sensory experience! So thoughtful.

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Merry Christmas! I hope you all get lots of the most important gift of all - happy times with friends and family :) xox