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I am always inspired by a fabulous dresser, but even more so when they are independent and creative women fearlessly yet tastefully breaking the "rules" of fashion for over fifties.
These style icons and fashion creatives are making braver and more creative sartorial choices than so many of the younger fashion bloggers and idols you see on social media. As an almost 35 year old I have such an admiration of these amazing women, and hope to find a similar approach to clothing and expression both now and when I am of a similar age.
(FASHION) RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN! Let's all try something outside the norm when dressing this week - whether it's a silly fashion rule in general or just a personal routine or pattern you could break, I say GO FOR IT! Maybe try a wide leg pant if you usually wear slim pants, or try tucking a blouse in if you normally try to cover your lower trunk, wear a sneaker with something you wouldn't normally... any little thing to keep it fun! And let me know how you feel about your mini fashion rebellion!
1. Mela Purdie Gravity Tank

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