The benefits of Linen - we love linen clothes!

Every summer we see linen come through in ranges, but this year seems to be a bumper year for Linen! We have a huge variety of linen styles this summer, from pure white classic styles, to bold printed colourful linen, loose and relaxed shapes to tailored suit separates to knitwear! 
Linen is an incredible fabric, and the properties of this wonder-fibre really demonstrate why it's a stalwart in any designer's summer collection : 
        • Linen is the strongest of all natural fibres, & gets stronger when washed!
        • dates back to 8000 BC, used to be used in ancient Egypt as currency demonstrating its strong and sturdy nature
        • Linen is made from flax stalks, a resilient plant species that can grow in poor soil with very little, if any, fertiliser. 
        • The linen production process is significantly less water intensive than other natural fibres such as cotton. 
        • Almost all of the flax plant can be used, there is demand from the food industry for flax seeds so there is very little wastage. 
        • It is biodegradable
        • Breathable and highly absorbent, gaining up to 20% of its dry weight in moisture without feeling damp to touch, making it perfect for hot sweaty days!
        • Naturally insect repelling, no moth problems!
        • It's luxurious, feels beautiful to wear and has an appealing natural texture and finish to it. 

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