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MIA FRATINO is an Australian based company, driven by director Tim Fitzpatrick and designer Amy Jones. With more than 30 years of premium knitwear experience for some of fashion's iconic brands, MIA FRATINO was born to be more than just a knitwear label, it was created to stand proud and make a difference.

"When our design workshop began, the aim was to create timeless knitwear for independent women who loved quality and their own sense of style. And more importantly, we aimed to create bond between our customers and the lives of women living in difficult circumstances through the Mia Fratino Foundation.  

-Mia Fratino translates as ‘My Sister’ in Esperanto and everything we do is about helping our sister wherever she may be. It is a wonderful fusion of style and charity, where we consider all aspects of our business and how it can bring positive affects to others and the environment. "