Why I'll always go back to wearing Black...

    "Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all black says this: "I don't bother you - don't bother me."
Yohji Yamamoto (designer)

 I enjoy seeing colour around the place as much as any other person... but that is the thing... I like it around me - on my walls as artwork, on my face in makeup form, and on others. I love to see someone else enjoy their own colourful look, but I put it on myself and I generally feel a bit wrong. As someone whose wardrobe consists of 80% black, 18% greys, white and neutrals and 2% colour - the thought of wearing green pants with a pink top and orange accessories freaks me out just a little!

^This scares me.

As black is our biggest selling colour at Impulse, I know many of you feel the same way about it as I do. Some people will try to make you feel bad about your penchant for black - the colour crew fears the black, and will try to turn you to the side of the spectrum at every opportunity!! If I had a dollar for every time someone moaned at me "BUT YOU LOOK SO GREAT IN COLOURRRRRR".... I'd be retired.
But, as the late Karl Lagerfeld said : "Who can live without some black clothes?" Hear hear, Mr Lagerfeld.
Here are the reasons why black is always 'the new black' and will remain my go-to colour forever (and ever).
Black is always sophisticated, understated and cool
Black goes with everything, it really does! 
Black is slimming.
Black is easy to keep clean. Me + white + bolognese = DANGER.
Black is non-descript, but with the right styling it can make a much bigger statement than crazy prints or vivid colour. Worn in the right way, black screams confidence. Not 'look at me' confidence, but a deeper, quiet confidence that comes from knowing yourself and loving yourself for who you are. Black doesn't need other people to validate it, it speaks quietly. Its voice is a whisper, not a scream.
If you don't want to think about your outfit, black is your best friend. Black top, black jeans and black shoes = instant chic. No mistakes, no second thoughts, no walking around all day thinking 'God, I wish I hadn't worn this.' Knowing you have the right outfit on makes such a huge difference to your confidence, I know I tend to want to fade into the background if I feel my outfit, hair and makeup aren't working. 
Speaking of makeup, black means you can have your hair and makeup any colour you like! Like pink hair? That'll work. Want to wear red lipstick today? Go for it, such a timeless look! 
Same goes for accessories, whatever you like - wear it! Accessories, nail colour and make up are the ways that I bring colour into my outfits, otherwise I stick to my faithful black, white and neutrals... They love me and I love them...
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Posted by Beck xx

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