A quote you love...

Did you hear about the Italian Chef who died?

He pasta away

We cannoli do so much

His legacy will become a pizza history

Here today, gone tomato

So sad that he ran out of thyme

You never sausage a tragic thing

Sending olive my thoughts to his family.

Favourite body part?

I think it changes weekly! Growing a human is a pretty incredible achievement which certainly gave me more respect for my own body. I've always liked being tall and backing it up with good posture from years of pilates and dance in my youth. That and a good smile has always done me well.

Favourite exercise / wellness activity?

Pilates. I started after my back gave up on me after backpacking overseas and it changed my life. Pilates has carried me through two pregnancies and gives me the core strength I need. I can’t see myself ever giving it up. 

Besides that anything outdoors. Hiking around the foothills near my house, Stand up Paddling Boarding with the kids in tow, Water skiing on the Murray and especially hitting the snow. Here in Australia or somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, there is nothing quite like an alpine holiday.

How do you spend your down-time?

Currently you'll find me in my garden. I love the Mediterranean climate here in Adelaide which perfectly suits after being inspired by the gardens in my travels of Sardinia and the Balearic Islands in Spain. Recreating these sculptural, hardy landscapes is a growing obsession. I read somewhere- "To plant a garden is to have a plan for the future". 

Favourite spot to eat/drink right now?

Pizzateca at Mclaren Vale for authentic Italian pizzas in a relaxed setting. Anywhere I can sit in the sun and drink wine and my children are entertained!

At what age did you become an adult?

Ummm, is this a trick question? Becoming a mother definitely changed my perspective on life. Having a greater sense of purpose and letting go of the things that just aren't important is a very satisfying feeling.

Three style icons:

Erin Wasson- my all time muse.  Can I just be her? She exudes the perfect combination of feminine/ grunge/ boho/ gypsy cowboy and just freakin owns it. Plus her legs go on forever.

Emma Watson- although she has a completely different style to my own I think she makes incredible choices for such a young woman in the spotlight. Her ethical influences are always showcased in a polished way.

Instagram - As creepy and stalker-ish as it sounds, social media has really opened up a huge world of inspiration. I am guilty of getting way too sucked in and letting myself be bombarded by a variety of influences. I love seeing the way people interpret different looks and trends, and like to steal a little bit of everything from everywhere. At the end of the day its all an act anyway, so as much as I'd like to exude high fashion one day and gypsy boho goddess the next, I'm comfortable with the fact that I know what I like and can choose to share it with whoever I please. Note* I totally suck at taking selfies!  

Must have item of clothing / accessory:

Jeans. I've lost count of how many pairs I own but it's totally justifiable when I live in them all year round. 

Top style tip:

Know what styles and silhouettes suit you  that make you feel great. Feeling like yourself in any outfit will give you the confidence to own it. Avoid trends that don't do anything for you. There's no point jumping on the wagon if you feel completely ridiculous in it, and let's be honest, fashion can be utterly over the top.

Beauty tip:

Sunscreen. My mum gave me an SPF moisturiser when I was 14 and told me to put it on my face, neck and the back of my hands every day. Now into my 30's I am seeing it has paid off! Looking after your skin is a no brainer and you feel so much better for it. Moisturise every god damn day, head to toe.



What is one of your favourite quotes?

"Be groovy or leave, man." - Bob Dylan. Sums up my attitude to everything, really.

What is your favourite body part?

All of it! It's an incredible machine that we should love and respect daily - never take your heartbeat or your legs working for granted. 

What is your favourite form of exercise/activity?

I love team sports and played a lot of volleyball waaay back in high school, but these days I am into hiking for my mental wellbeing (getting in touch with nature is so helpful when you're feeling out of balance) and yoga to keep my muscles stretchy and avoid poor posture from sitting too much. 

What do you do in your down-time?

I have re-discovered my love of reading this year, and absolutely love to get lost in a fiction book for an entire day, or dive into some interesting non fiction or a podcast based around psychology to help me understand myself and my fellow humans a bit better. My other favourite thing to do is simply to spend time with my loved ones - my partner, my whippets, friends and family - an Adelaide Hills wine and sunshine in the garden is ideal! ... I am also addicted to the Real Housewives franchise on TV - it's so bad it's good.

Favourite spot to eat/drink right now?I

My house - my fiance is an INCREDIBLE home cook, he has great taste in wine and my garden is heaven. 

At what age did you become an adult?

Hah! Well, I pay my own bills and don't listen to any music that came out in the last 5-10 years and am fully aware of my own mortality - does that make me an adult? 

Three style icons : 

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - the twins from "Full House" have grown up and have their own highly successful and lauded fashion label called The Row. Since I am reasonably short and petite and love comfy clothes, their minimalist, relaxed tailoring is exactly what I want to wear all year round.


Francoise Hardy, perfect seventies style - that cat eyeliner and enviable french way of putting things together à la perfection.

David Bowie - I love the creativity with which he expressed his multi-faceted identity through fashion and makeup

Must have item of clothing / accessory

I am very happy to see the back of skinny jeans (that's right, the fashion tables have turned and they are on the way out) - so I am currently living in all sorts of looser cut jeans and pants, and as it's currently winter I'm draped in knitwear 24/7. My current must have is the Mela Purdie Stride Pant - I roll up the cuff and wear with ankle boots and a chunky knit or wear with sandals and a relaxed tee in summer, and my favourite all year round knit is the ELK Agna Sweater. (Both of these together is a great outfit)

Top style tip

Invest in good quality items that will last, and that fit you really well. You will feel more confident when you know your clothes suit you, feel great to wear and exude luxury. Invest in great jewellery and shoes - they can make any basic outfit look expensive and polished. 

Beauty tip 

I know that eating healthy, drinking loads of water, exercising regularly and avoiding alcohol would probably give one great skin buuuuuut like most people I like some not-so-healthy food and wine and like to use my precious little free time for lots of different things, not just exercise! Life is all about balance... 

 So, I turn to RETINOL - I have only just discovered this wonder product but in just 6 weeks it has smoothed my skin, faded scars and spots, softened lines and most importantly significantly reduced the adult acne I have been bothered by for the last couple of years. I am astounded! 

The product I use is Liberty Belle RX Dream Team Advanced Retinol serum - if you have not used retinol, start slow - use once per week for a couple of weeks then try twice and so on. It can dry and irritate the skin if you use too much too soon but with patience it is amazing.