M.A. Dainty


      M.A Dainty, a unique Melbourne based Australian fashion label is named after the designer's great aunt, Maud Alice Dainty. Maud Dainty, or M.A Dainty is well known, and well loved for her eclectic designs of wearable day wear with a strong focus on natural fibres.

      Her silk crepe, blends and cotton fabrics are all of the highest quality, the result being a garment that fits easily into the wardrobe that can be cherished for years. Enduring favourites include silk pants, comfortable dresses and impeccable shirts. M.A Dainty delivers new arrivals each month with Autumn Winter arriving in February, and Spring Summer in July.

      With a keen design eye for fashion trends and an innate ability to make them entirely her own, M.A Dainty has created an exciting and beautiful range of designer clothes for women of all ages to enjoy.