Mindful Production

      This collection features designers / labels who are making thoughtful efforts to produce either ethically (e.g. fair working conditions and transparent supply chain) or with sustainability in mind (choosing fabrics or production methods that have less environmental impact) or both! 
      MELA PURDIE : Made in Australia - Fair work conditions - Fair pay. Buy well buy less : Mela Purdie is extremely high quality in timeless designs that last for years. Overconsumption is one of the fashion industry's major sustainability issues - if we can buy quality items that last we are doing our part to reduce waste.
      ELK : Made offshore in a transparent and strictly monitored supply chain ensuring healthy working conditions and fair pay for staff, mindful sourcing of fabrics. 
      TANI : More sustainable fabric - micromodal made from beechwood is a more sustainable alternative to cotton and viscose.
      MIA FRATINO : Ethically sourced and manufactured top-quality cashmere, a timeless, seasonless investment.