Views from isolation : Beck takes us on a visual journey of her weekend walks in the Adelaide Hills

I am extremely lucky to live in one of the most beautiful parts of our state, if not the country. The Adelaide Hills are full of amazing conservation parks and reserves - offering rugged bush walks with more relaxing tracks as well, stunning views and some excellent posh house watching as well! Stirling, just 5 mins from my house, is absolutely gorgeous in Autumn, saturating the senses with colour & the smells of damp leaves, pine needles, wood fires and rain. I adore it here, I find spending time in nature really calms any anxiety I am feeling, cures a grumpy mood and reminds me of all that I have to be grateful for. One of my passions is nature and landscape photography, so I hope you enjoy this photo diary taken on some recent walks near my house. Beck x
I am a tad fascinated with decay and the circle of life, it has always been a theme in my photographs. Some call it grim but I find it beautiful!
We, err, misinterpreted the map slightly and got a wee bit lost on some private property... we managed to resist picking these amazing looking apples and thankfully no one told us off. We both hate to be thought of as impolite and would have been mortified if confronted!
My fiancé cruises effortlessly up one of the steepest hills I've walked up for a while.. leaving me in the dust! Still working on my cardio fitness...
A creepy critter hole in some very soft and satisfying-to-pat moss... 

My sweaty mug after climbing this peak! My favourite part is stopping for a snack and taking in an amazing view... 

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