Why You Should Wear Linen Dresses This Summer

Why You Should Wear Linen Dresses This Summer
Summer is here! And for many of us, that means it's time to bust out the linen dresses. Linen is truly having a moment this summer and the options are incredibly varied, from linen slip dress to romantic puff sleeve linen maxi dresses. The modern linen dress is light, airy, and perfect for the summer season. Here are a few reasons why you should sport one this summer.
Linen is comfortable in the heat, it's cool to the touch because of its natural fibres. It keeps you cool when it feels hot outside, unlike other fabrics which retain heat and can lead to perspiration and humidity.
Linen dresses are very versatile. Whether you choose a sleeveless dress or a maxi dress with long sleeves, a white linen dress, black linen dress or a coloured linen dress, you can wear them at any time of day or night or for any occasion. The versatility of linen dresses make them perfect for all seasons and occasions.
Linen dresses are a more eco-friendly option too! The Flax plant that linen is made from requires less water than cotton to grow. 
The Importance of Wearing Linen Dresses This Summer
Linen dresses are fashionable, comfortable, and chic. It's no surprise that many celebrities have chosen linen dresses for their red carpet looks.
If you want to look fabulous this summer but don't want to sweat the whole time, try wearing a linen dress. Now is the perfect time to invest in one of these trendy dresses.
Tips for Choosing Your Linen Dress
Linen dresses are perfect for the summertime because they help you stay cool when it's hot outside. They also work well when traveling because they're easy to pack and don't hold the odours that other fabrics do.
Now that you know what linen can do for you in the summer, here's how to choose your perfect linen dress:
1) The Linen Dress Should Be Lightweight
The best thing about linen is that it breathes--it keeps your skin feeling cool even in warm temperatures. A lighter weight dress will allow more air to pass through it so you'll feel cooler than if you were wearing a heavy cotton dress or skirt.
2) Pick The Right Size
Linen is not stretchy so it's important to get your size right before purchasing one, and if in doubt choose a larger size for the ultimate cool feeling in hot weather, no clinging!
3) Wear Your Linen Dress With Sun Protection
You should wear sunscreen, hats, and long sleeves when wearing an all-linen outfit. Protect yourself from the sun and enjoy the freedom of wearing a linen dress this summer!
Shopping for a Linen Dress
It's summertime, which means you're looking for the perfect dress to wear. This year, go for linen!
Linen is a fabric that's known for its light weight and breeziness. Linen is perfect for the summer season because it is breathable, cool on the skin, and can be worn on practically any occasion. Linen dresses are also versatile; whether you choose a sleeveless dress or one with long sleeves, they can be worn at any time of day or night or in any season. The versatility of linen dresses make them perfect for all occasions.
Linen dresses are comfortable, versatile, and perfect for any occasion. If you're looking for a summer dress that is both stylish and functional, linen is the fabric choice for you! Here are some of our favourite linen dresses to shop at Impulse Boutique:
Zoe Kratzmann Cape Check LInen Dress
Kinney Bowie Yin Yang Linen Dress Black and white
Kinney Esme Off Shoulder Gingham Linen Dress
In the Sac Giselle Long Shirt Dress

In the Sac Linen Ayra Tiered Linen Dress

ELK Tia Linen Dress

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