How To Dress For Your Body Shape ~ Finding the perfect style for your Shape and Style

Apple? Pear? Ladies, are we fruit salad or are we all women with bodies that are wonderful, miraculous and unique? Whether or not you can relate to the fruit shape analogies or not, the thing is: dressing to show off your best assets and disguise your not-so-favourite bits can be tricky! Perhaps a trend or shape you love the look of doesn't quite work on your body shape, or you can't seem to find a piece with the perfect proportions to complement your figure. Don't despair, there are ways to adapt a style to suit your individuality; meaning you walk out looking like the gorgeous woman you are, not a pear that was left in the fruit bowl for too long!
Assess what works:
It's time to spend some time in your wardrobe and take a good look at what is there. Chances are you've naturally curated an edit that suits you and your style. Do you favour shorter hem lines? Your legs are your favourite feature- show them off! Do all your tops have V necks? So flattering on a full bust! By taking cues from your exisiting clothes you can be guided as to what you will feel comfortable and look great in.
Define your best assets:
The easiest way to show off your favourite part of your body shape is to draw attention to it. Ensure the focus is on the areas you want to highlight and don't forget, accessories and make up also play an important role here. Throw on a belt to define your waist, go strapless to flatter your collarbone or choose a hem length that shows off your legs. 
Shift focus away from the areas you want to hide:
Once you've worked out what you want to showcase, we need to work out what we want to fade into the back ground. Soft puff sleeves are great at hiding the upper arms, a loose fitting dress can skim the hips and belly and wearing the same colour head to toe can elongate and lengthen. 
Below we've put together a few outfit suggestions for a few commonly referred to body shapes:
Pear Shaped Body or Triangle Shaped Body ~
You have slim shoulders and arms, an elegant neck and a defined waist. Choose styles that draw emphasis to the upper body by adding a bright colour or an interesting neckline such as a cowl neck, deep v or strapless. Choose skimming A-line skirts or tapered pants that balance out your proportions and elongate your figure. Clockwise from top left:
Kinney Eloise Top
In The Sac Biarritz Bell Sleeve Top
Mela Purdie Soft Capri 
Kinney Bowie Yin Yang Dress
Inverted Triangle Body Shape 
You have straight and somewhat broad shoulders giving you a sporty look tapering down to a slim waist and straight hips. Chances are you've got great legs you lucky thing! Choose styles that balance out your shoulders, define your waist and add curves to your hips. Opt for soft, draping fabric up the top to soften the shoulders. Go for wide leg pants, colourful skirts and patterns on the lower half of your body. Don't forget to accentuate your waist! Clockwise from top left: 
Mela Purdie Tie Shell
Zoe Kratzmann Usher Lace Dress
In The Sac Ayra Wide Leg Pant
ELK Almina Confetti Print Pant
Hourglass Body Shape 
Your bust and hip measurements are very similar in comparison to your narrow waist. You have beautiful curves so maintaining balance is essential to show off your shape. Steer away from straight boxy cuts that hide your shape, show off those curves by choosing styles that highlight your waist with simple silhouettes and clean lines. Clockwise from top left:
In The Sac Giselle Linen Dress
Coop by Trelise Cooper Shake Rib Up Dress
Mela Purdie Traveller Shell
Mela Purdie Soft Capri
It is important to note that the body shape theory is rather outdated as none of us can be defined by one particular set of guidelines. Your taste may not reflect what you're told should suit your body, but dressing is about feeling like yourself and therefore feeling good and confident in what you are wearing. This is the true essence of style! We are always available to offer any styling advice, just give us a call! xo

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