Summer Travel Outfits- What To Wear On Your Next Adventure

Ahhh Summer Holidays.... a time of year when life long memories are created. That six week window between the end of one year and the long January days leading into a new term are an Australian rite of passage. As a child, Summer was a time to unwind, relax and kick back knowing school was out and a two month break felt like an eternity. Long days spent outdoors where you only had to be home when the street lights came on gave one a sense of freedom to be relished. 
With Summer fast approaching and Australia on the verge of reopening its borders there is a sense of anticipation in the air. Across the country we are keen to see our loved ones, explore new places and simply get out and about. It's almost a certainty that most of us have had travel plans up ended at some point during the pandemic so it's with wary enthusiasm that we start thinking about travelling again. What better place to find inspiration than from current Summer trends? I can hand on heart say I have made an impulsive purchase and then organised somewhere or something to wear it to! So it's time to hit refresh and click on that New Arrivals button to start planning that holiday and what you'll be wearing... 

 Festive Season

First stop on our Summer holiday is a long overdue catch up with friends and family. Christmas is a time to spend with the people who are important to you, to share stories, food, produce and a gift or two. A loose fitting dress offers an easy, throw on and go solution giving you that effortless dressy casual look that an Aussie summer epitomises. 
Below: Clockwise from Top Left:
Johnny Was Tibby Jaime Dress - $719
Kinney Esme Linen Gingham Dress - $309
Curate Dolly Mix Check Dress - $299
Kinney Bowie Dress - $259

Road trip....

Australia is a vast country which means road trips are unavoidable. But they don't have to be a drag. Country towns are bursting with art, local produce and welcoming locals. Why not factor in a bit of extra time to explore these hidden gems and support the local communities. Back in the car and you're going to need a comfortable outfit, (ideally crease resistant!) that is just as appropriate for wandering through a gallery or museum or sitting on the local oval snacking on bakery goods!

Below: Clockwise from top left:

Mela Purdie Traveller Shell - $175

Mia Fratino Clem Roll Neck Jumper - $339

Raffaello Rossi Candy Jogger Pant - $279

Prene Pixie Bag - $59.95



Coastal Escape...

Many of us will be lucky enough to spend time by the coast as the weather warms up. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to a beach holiday. The relaxed vibe calls for easy to wear pieces to create your summer outfit. Choose a cotton shirt, a linen pant or light weight maxi dress  and take your look from the beach to dinner with ease. 
Below: Clockwise from top left:
Mela Purdie Cap Gondola Dress - $355
Mela Purdie Tie Shirt $335 & Crop Frame Pant - $249
Mela Purdie Bermuda Short - $240
One Season Mid Poppy Dress - $160


Wherever you find yourself this Summer we hope it's relaxed, joyful, happy and brings contentment to you and your loved ones. 

Roll on Summer!

Impulse xo 

*Cover photo is of the Corny Point Light House on SA's Yorke Peninsula.

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